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WAGC promotes the safe and responsible use of air rifles.

WE SHOOT FIELD TARGET OR KNOCKDOWNS! which are steel plated animal shapes with different size kill zones between 10-55yds which have to be hit for the target to fall down

Find out how to shoot an air rifle with precision, learn all about air rifles, holds, positions and sights, and shoot Knockdown Field Targets and Silhouettes in friendly competition.
New shooters welcome. Shooters under 18 years must be accompanied by a non-shooting adult, or have a FireArms License. Join the club for regular shoots, competitions, and occasional pest control forays.

Currently we have the World Veteran Spring Gun Champion 2014 ..Brian Furth
Runner Up World Veteran Champion.. Brian Andrews


President Brian Furth's Titles

World Veteran Spring Gun Champion2014
Grand Prix Champion 2015...Brian Furth
NZ PcP Open Champion 2010, 2014....Brian Furth
NZ Spring Gun Champion 2011,2012, 2013....Brian Furth
NZ Open Spring Gun Champion 2014, 2016...Brian Furth
NZ HP PcP Champion 2014 Brian Furth

Runner up NZ Spring Gun Champs 2015

NZ HP Pcp Champion 2016 Brian Furth

NZ HP Spring Gun Champion 2016 Brian Furth

World ranked 10th 2014  Spring Gun


I have plenty of experience and can help you!




NEXT OUTDOOR SHOOT  Sunday 19th July 10.0am

 Our Outdoor Range is situated at:


 Follow road go past driveway on left, keep going go up the hill, go around the houses on the left (church on your right) and you will see the paddock on your right hand side, come through the gate past all the containers and cars and we are there.


Our Indoor range is situated at:

Hamilton Small Bore Rifle Club, Dey Street Hamilton East..next to the old cycle track.


Next Indoor Shoot  every Thursday night 7pm


Brian 8479950

WAGC President